Why choose us?

A set of the features and standards that Ecik follows in providing service to its customers

Long experience in the field of general trade and shipping Turkish products and goods to all parts of the world.

Facilitating customs transactions and shipping goods to companies and individuals in Turkey easily and in record time.
We have a relationship base with major Turkish factories in various industries from foodstuffs to production lines.

Who we are?

Ecik Company is a leading Turkish company in import and export from Turkey with nearly a decade’s experience, as this experience arose with the beginnings of the renaissance in the Turkish export market and the qualitative leap that the Turkish government contributed to a package of laws that supported the export sector from Turkey.

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From Our Exports

Our Second Wearhouse in İzmir

Thanks God, our second warehouse in izmir have start in Çiğli, This wearhouse aime to collect offers of products to sell it a gaing as offer too for our customers...

Spacial order for Flat pack containers

our visit to ready containers factory and make order by special size and details lets see vedios than start your ourder with us Detachable Containers sizes 590cm*240cm many options for sanitary or windows .. ex...
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