Who we are?

Ecik Company is a leading Turkish company in import and export from Turkey with nearly a decade’s experience, as this experience arose with the beginnings of the renaissance in the Turkish export market and the qualitative leap that the Turkish government contributed to a package of laws that supported the export sector from Turkey.
Due to Turkey’s economic position and its ability to connect the Arab and European markets and the success of the commercial and industrial sectors, in addition to the quality of Turkish goods and the abundance of demand for them, our company Ecik found a place within this huge market and the beginning was from our branch in Istanbul, the first economic center in Turkey and is also considered a commercially and industrially center, it has heavy weight on the European and Arab levels.

Our staff

are a mixture of commercial and logistical experiences gained over many years from different places in various fields, and this makes us look forward to the stages and parts of work in the market from the highest stage to the lowest stage.

Our Mission

is to make commerce, shopping, transportation and the following stages of it easy and not cumbersome through smart systems and long experiences that make the work progress with standard and accurate processing periods and quick interventions in the event of an emergency.

Our Vision

is to create a new era in the field of trade, export, shipping services, customs clearance and the supply chain. As is well known, this field is the language of the age, which cannot be determined by visible endings or guessing its limits in the near time.