About Export:

The Turkish market witnessed a remarkable recovery over the past years in the import and export market, which encouraged investors from traders and industrialists to set up their companies in Turkey in pursuit of participating in a market with great profits and returns, as Turkey is an important destination for imported goods in many major countries such as Germany. Russia, Italy, France and China.

  • Goods collection and warehouse services

    Ecik Company provides the service of collecting shipments from different locations within warehouses, where your purchases are grouped into one or more boxes to be sent in one go instead of sending them individually, as is known as the more weight decreases the shipping cost per kilo and the more volume decreases with it the shipping cost Also, our company seeks to fulfill the desire of its customers to consolidate and package shipments and reduce shipping costs as much as possible.

  • Serving private brands for importers on goods

    Ecik Company, importers outside Turkey, enables you to print and package the products that are bought from Turkey with the private brand in the name of the importer, and then we follow up the shipping procedures and reach their final destination.

  • Partial and total charging

    We ship small quantities of goods whose size does not rise to the size of a full container and therefore it is called partial shipment. Total freight is in the case of importing a large amount of goods or in the case of importing goods of huge sizes and weights, and in this case the containers are fully used in shipping those the goods.

  • Legal contracts and commercial representation

    After the expansion of trade in the world and its occupation of a role that cannot be underestimated in our current world, the need for commercial representation, which today has become a prominent issue in Turkey, where trade occupies an important space in line with the ongoing changes in the economic structure of internal and external trade.

  • SGS inspection services

    You need to make sure the products arrive as intended and that they meet the relevant conditions. Our pre-shipment inspection provides you with independent and professional verification of shipment quality, quantity, recording, packaging and loading, helping you to meet quality standards, technical specifications and contractual terms

  • Translation services

    Ecik provides its clients with translation services to and from the Turkish language, which facilitates trade exchange between importers and exporters in the Turkish Republic, in addition to facilitating services related to the translation of official papers to and from the Turkish language.